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Heart Disease and Cancer:

Scientific Studies in Prevention and Reversal

By switching from the conventional foods, health educator Sylvester Johnson (Ph.D. Applied Physics) lost 50 pounds and reduced his cholesterol level. He feels like he has discovered the fountain of... extended middle age.

In this video, Sylvester shows peer-reviewed published evidence of the promotion of cancer and heart disease by consuming excessive animal protein and fat. This evidence suggests that health and healing can be supported by eating more unrefined plant-based foods, and by getting exercise. Please note that dealing with cancer may require both the complementary diet and conventional treatment, as described in the first page of the chapter on cancer in the free ebook Healthspan.

Here’s the Transcript of the show that can be read while viewing the file of slides that can be downloaded a few lines below the video image. The transcript includes Q&A from the discussion after the video presentation. Sylvester gives this presentation at various venues without charging a speaker’s fee.

To view or download a (large) pdf of the slides, click HealthPresentation.pdf. To keep that file size as small as possible, it has 6 slides per page. The viewing software can enlarge the image as needed. Please contact Sylvester for written instructions on how to download the free original Powerpoint files.

Sylvester’s free ebook Healthspan was written as a public service, available for download from HealthspanBook.

Free audio: Interviews with leading nutritionist T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

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Partial texts of slides, without the graphics

Health Presentation

Scientific Studies in Prevention and Reversal of Degenerative Disorders

Mac Attacks

Stomach Has No Teeth

Conventional Diet


Fat in Blood Revealed after Centrifuge

Reversal: Cardiovascular Disease, C. Esselstyn, M.D. 1995

Reversal: Cardiovascular Disease, D. Ornish, M.D. 1990

Homocysteine Helpers

A Holiday to Heal

Knowledge Power

Less Dietary Fat, Less Hormonal Swing

Estrogen Levels: U.S. & Rural China

Cancer Development Over Time

20% or 5% early cancer

Dietary Animal Protein and EARLY Cancer

On Off On Off EARLY Cancer

Late Cancer

Plant Protein No Problem?

Milk Consumption, Breast Cancer


Colon Cancer and Meat in Women

Prostate Cancer 2002

Skim Milk and Deaths from Prostate Cancer in 28 Countries

Common Food Contaminant in China: Yeast Aspergillus Flavus

Reversal: Carcinogenisis, Paul Talalay, M.D. 1994

Sulforaphane Potencies

How Come Not Better Known?

Books on Special Topics

Food for Thought

Toxic Nibbles

Milk and Type I Diabetes in Children

Auto–Immune Disorder

Hip Fracture Incidence

Sulfate Ion

Bone Loss


Can’t quit cheese? Consider mastitis.

Veggie Versions

Same Diet of Unrefined, Plant-Based Food Supports Prevention or Healing for Many Disorders

Side Effects of a Mainly Plant–Based Unrefined Diet

Sylvester Before–After

Refined Food = Junk Food Including Olive Oil

200 Calories


How “Pure” a Diet?

Disclaimer: Consult with doctor before changing diet or exercise


Drug Ads Amplify Pathologies

Over-Treatment of Insured: $$$

Unrefined Plant-Based Foods Support Health: Wide Variety

No Sex Jokes

Veggies, not Viagra

More Than Meets the Eye


Soften impact.

Mainly Plant–Based, Unrefined Foods